Second Module Reflection

Today I completed the second module in my Introduction to Digital Studies Course. For this module, my group members and I chose to analyze a series of well developed and controversial twitter trends/hashtags, as well as the history and general information for hashtags.

Through our research, we learned all about the origin of the hashtag as well as it’s uses and ways it can benefit a business. We also chose to analyze a series of popular twitter trends including: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, #NotAllMen, #TwitterIsBlockedInTurkey, etc. I chose to explore the hashtag, #TwitterIsBlockedInTurkey and learned all about the reason for it’s trend as well as it’s demographics. I found it rather ironic that twitter users within Turkey still managed to send out tweets, despite the pathetic ban placed my the Turkish Prime Minister; this instance surely examples the power of free speech.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed working through this second module. I found it fascinating learning about the history of hashtags as well as their broad range of uses. Although I learned a lot about my particular trend, I found it difficult to use the programs provided through the #Activism page. I found their objective rather interesting and look forward to using them in the future.

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