Methodology Module Final Reflection

Hi Everyone,

today I concluded my Methodology module in which I hand coded my very own html page. I decided to explore the topic of Journalism within this module in which I learned about the historical relationship between journalism and media technologies (print, radio, TV), how the Internet has made new modalities of communication possible, and how digital tools make new kinds of research possible.

I chose to analyze the article from Huffington Post titled, “Since Sandra” which explores and details the flaws of prisoner checkup while being incarcerated. This article analyzes the backlash that arose from the death of Sandra BlandDuring the first 3 days of imprisonment, inmates are significantly likely to harm themselves due to unpredictable causes; it is necessary that routine checkups on single cell lockups be increased to prevent inmates from harming themselves.

What helped me get through this assignment was the learning modules offered through This is a very beneficial website which I recommend that all college students take the time to learn about. Html and CSS coding are very valuable skills to know and possess through the progression into the professional world.

Through the completion of the third Methodology module, I can now proudly say that I have coded my very own html page. The thing I am most proud of through the finalization of this module was when I finally figured out how to successfully format my html paragraphs and unordered/ordered lists. This was definitely the most challenging aspect of this assignment as memorizing the indents and code spacing I found, at times to be, rather impossible. I’m very happy with the product that I have created and hope to use html coding in future academic and professional situations.

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