GIF Module Reflection

Hello Everyone,

today I completed my first module for my Digital Studies class. For this first “Creative” module, we had many categories to choose from and I chose the “Art of the Animated Gif”. Through research and much exploration with my group, I learned that GIF stands for “Graphic Interchange Format” and was created by Steven Whilhite in 1987. GIFs can be seen all over the Internet, especially on social media sites, such as twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. In addition, GIFs were originally created so that the company that Whilhite worked for could download and transfer files with a color format. I created my gif using “”; it was a very simple process, which allowed me to create multiple gifs with ease. “Makeagif” allows users to create gif files using their own images and videos, as well as videos from Youtube urls. I selected an 8 second clip from one of my favorite Youtube videos and converted it to a gif file, which was also available for download. I look forward to creating more GIFs and learning more about the variations in image transitions.

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